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Google Terminates YouTube XL Service

Notice for Toshiba’s LCD TV Users

Google Terminates YouTube XL service

Google, which is the provider of YouTube, has advised Toshiba of its decision to discontinue one of its user interfaces, YouTube XL on June 9, 2013. Google has been posting a banner regarding the termination of this service since May 23, 2013 at

As a result of Google’s decision, certain models of Toshiba’s LCD TVs will not be able to display YouTube after the termination of the YouTube XL service, because those devices are only compatible with YouTube XL.

Toshiba’s LCD TVs, other than the models listed below, will not be affected by this termination because they are compatible with other YouTube interfaces.

Affected Models that will not be able to display YouTube after June 9, 2013:


(Last Updated: 5/24/2013)
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