TV Firmware Is Available to Address Network Connectivity and TV Boot Up Issues.
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Model(s):32L4300UC, 39L4300UC, 50L4300UC, 50L7300UC, 58L4300UC, 58L7300UC, 58L7350UC, 65L7300UC, 65L7350UC
Date Posted (mm/dd/yyyy):7/30/2014
Date Modfied (mm/dd/yyyy):7/30/2014

After extended use, the TV may lose network connectivity or, in some rare cases, be unable to boot up.


If you have encountered these issues please update the TV firmware to version If the failure is preventing the TV from booting or accessing the internet, you will need to do the update via USB, using the USB Update procedure outlined below.

If you have not experienced the no boot or network problems, Toshiba recommends doing a firmware update to version, to prevent future occurrences, using either the Network or USB Update procedures listed below.


Network Update

1. Connect your TV to your home network.
2. Press the Setup key on the TV remote control
3. Select “Get Help” and press the Enter key
4. Select “Software Upgrade” and press Enter. At this point the TV will automatically search for the latest available update.
5. Follow the On Screen Instructions to complete the software upgrade.

NOTE: After successfully connecting to your network, the TV may automatically prompt you about the available firmware update. In this case, you can skip step 1 – 5 above.

USB Update

Loading the Firmware

1. Format a USB stick/thumb drive to FAT32
2. Download firmware Ver. ( from the "Firmware" tab of this support site.
3. Extract the firmware to the root directory of the USB drive.
4. Safely remove the USB drive from the PC.

Updating the Firmware

1. Remove AC power from the TV
2. Insert the USB drive into USB port 1.
3. Plug the TV back into AC outlet.
4. The Software Upgrade process will now begin. Please follow the On-screen Instructions until the upgrade is complete.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT unplug the AC power from the TV or press any buttons on the remote controller or the TV keypad during this process.

5. Once Upgrade is complete, remove AC power from the TV once again (for at least 10 seconds).
6. Remove the USB drive from USB port 1.
7. Plug the TV back into AC outlet.
8. Follow the On-Screen instructions to setup the TV.

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