BIOS update for Satellite C850, L850, C870, L870
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Document ID:TSB001654
Model(s):Satellite C850, Satellite C870, Satellite L850, Satellite L855, Satellite L870, Satellite Pro C850, Satellite Pro C870, Satellite S875
Operating System:Windows 8
Date Posted (mm/dd/yyyy):5/17/2013
Date Modfied (mm/dd/yyyy):5/23/2013
Author:VHA, BP

Is you are experiencing any of the below issues, please update the BIOS to 6.60 or higher.

  1. System hangs during Power On Self Test (POST) when a CRT is connected.
  2. HDD Recovery cannot be entered in CSM mode intermittently.
  3. F12 /HDD Recovery will intermittently not access Windows 8 Push Button Reset.
  4. PXE Boot hang at the Windows 8 logo.
  5. HDD image recovery will result in Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) 0x1D.BIOS 6.50 Change Points
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